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Making high quality products isnt a secret.Learn how transform a fiber to cotton into your favorite home textile.
Step 4: Finishing
This stage certifies that through both wet and dry actions, all towels are held to the highest standards of quality, absorbency and safety.

After the fabric is woven and given its rich color, this treatment is additional of a softening agent. Use silicon in this process, is proven as the most effective softener, and it is illustrated to increase the absorbency of our fabrics. This action is followed by an antimicrobial finish, to help prevent mold, and the spread of damaging organisms.

In this process we remove any dampness and give the fabric some added fluffiness and volume. Then to strengthen the fabric to smooth out any wrinkles or creases caused by the wet treatment and the drying process.

In this stage products that consist of side–by-side panels are first cut lengthwise and then hemmed. Labels are sewn in during lengthwise and crosswise hemming. The hems are first folded, and then sewn.

This is after the fabric is given its rich color, it can be sent to embroidery facility, where intricate details can be sewn, giving the product fine details and design that cannot be achieved with commercial dyeing or printing machinery.

Once the hems have been sewn, the stacked product is folded and packaged for shipment from our firm final destination.
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