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Making high quality products isnt a secret.Learn how transform a fiber to cotton into your favorite home textile.
Step 2: Weaving
Once the yarn has been treated and stretched onto the loom, the weaving process is ready to begin. Our machinery equipments are capable of performing a series of different weaving techniques, from terry to jacquard weaving, depending on the specifications of the final product.

During this process the weft yarn, is interlaced with the warp yarn. This is accomplished by the warp threads being moved up and down to create a space for the weft to pass through in a shuttle. This process is typically used to create a product with a single color, or a basic pattern.

This process is the ability to control each warp thread on a per-row basis. This approach allows to be produced with more complicated patterns than can be achieved with plain weaving.

It uses two systems: Pile warps and ground warps. Both sets are placed on the loom but on two different section beams and different lengths. The result is that when the weft passes through, it makes two types of weaves: a strong hole with the ground warp, and a loose, loop-like the pile warp. The loops of one side of a terry product are shorn, giving that side a soft, velour-effect.
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