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Over many years the company has been in lead in the Turkish Textile industry ,from year to year dominating both natioanally & internationally market of textile manufacturing.
Welcome to Pamir Textile
Pamir Textile is one of the leading textile manufacturers and distributors in Turkey.Founded in 1997, and located in Denizli region of where the world's finest towels and bathrobe have been made. Pamir Textile is a company both nationally and internationally ,and one of the largest manufacturers of textiles. We represent differentiation, quality, innovation, creative product design and every detail of our production as we want our customers to have the most perfect experience.

Making use of the best materials, exclusive design and knowledge that dates back generations has enabled the company to produce high quality textiles that are responsible for creating long-lasting relationships and close partnerships with customers.

Our company is committed to developing and in innovative manufacturing technologies and latest textile fabrications. Our passion for textiles is the driving force behind our success.
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